Tandem is a brilliant project which aims at making language learning more accessible and entertaining. It is based on the ‘language for language’ exchange. The participants have a chance to not only learn foreign languages but also to teach their native language to other participants. It allows both sides to benefit - by enriching their learning and cultural experience. Additionally, it is the best way of making some international friends!

Every Monday evening, ESN Krakow United organises Tandem Language Meetings. Exchange Students along with Poles come together to B4 Club (4 Bracka St.) to meet new people and practice their language skills in the international atmosphere. At the spot, every table is marked with a flag of a different country indicating the leading language of the particular table. The participants can choose to sit in their native ‘table’ and become teachers or acquire some new skills by sitting by the table of a foreign country.  

The best part of Tandem is that it is completely free of charge so anyone can join and not spend a fortune on learning a new language!

If you have any questions, contact our Tandem Coordinator: Janek Kruczek:

600 967 313