It’s only natural, that after coming to a foreign country, Erasmuses feel kind of confused. Everything in here is so different, people on the streets use completely strange language... we all in ESN understands that.

That’s why we have decided to organise an Orientation Week for you!

What is an Orientation Week then?

In a nutshell, it’s a series of events that takes place during the first week of your stay in Poland. Since we all want to make your stay in Poland as comfortable as it is possible, during that first week, we are going to help you get familar with our City and make it easy for you to socialize with other Erasmuses and ESN Members! It’s a perfect mix of  joy and sightseeing! 

Every day, you will experience life in Cracow from a different perspective. One time, it might be sightseeing with a professional tour guide, another time it can be fight to the death on LaserTag area!  

One for sure - you cannot miss that!