Welcome, welcome, welcome! 

You are (or you'll soon be) in Kraków – the most beautiful city in Poland. You are here because you want to get new experiences, to learn and of course to have fun.

We are ESN PK – Erasmus Student Network at Politechnika Krakowska. We are here for you and we have the pleasure to introduce you to the Orientation Week, week that probably will be the best in your life.
We’ve prepared many attractions that will help you get used to a new place and get to know new people from around the world!

Come and meet your new Erasmus friends and ESN crew during plenty of amazing activities we have prepared for you!
26.02 (Monday) - MEET us!
* Welcome Meeting 15.15 (Działownia PK Main Campus)
* Speedfriending 19.30 (Prominent Club)
* Afterparty: Find your match 22.00 (Shakers)

27.02 (Tuesday) - INTEGRATE with you new Erasmus friends
* Laser Park 12.15 (PK Main Gate)
* Climbing 13.45 (PK Main Gate)
* Pubcrawl + Karaoke 19.30 (Barbakan)

28.02 (Wednesday) - DISCOVER another cultures
* City Game 13.00 (PK Main Gate)
* Eurodinner 17.00 (PK Main Gate)
* Afterparty: Lock & key 22.30 (Frantic)

1.02 (Thursday) - PARTY all night long
*Paintball 12.45 (PK Main Gate)
*Beer Pong Competition 21.00 (Resto Bar)
* Afterparty: Glitter Party 22.30 (Prozac 2.0)

2.03 (Friday) - REST the weekend is coming
* Go Jump 13.00 (PK Main Gate)
* Shisha 20.00 (Pitbull Shisha Bar)
* Board games 20.00 ( Cybermachina)

3-4.03 - TRAVEL new destinations are waiting
* 3-4.03 Zakopane Trip 

3.03 (Saturday) 
* Mocak Museum 11.30 (Plac Bohaterów Ghetta)
* Free tour Jewish District 13.20 (Old Synagogue, Szeroka 24)
* Zapiekanka 19.00 (Okrąglak)
* Pubs in the Kazimierz District 19.30 (Okrąglak)

4.03 (Sunday)
* Aquapark 13.00 (PK Main Gate)

Stay tuned. More info soon!


All of the event's are available also in Events section on our website: http://pk.esn.pl/events

See you there!