Dear students,

Recently, certain protective measures have been taken by Polish authorities. They may affect your everyday life, therefore it is of utmost importance that you get yourself acquainted with the information below. To combat the spread of misinformation, the information below only comes from official sources provided by Polish government (pl. Dziennik Ustaw, eng. Journal of Laws). Additionally, you can find the list of references below the article. We also provide you with links to reliable sources regarding the most up-to-date situation in Poland. The article will be updated each time the govermen takes major decisions related to restrictions in Poland.

Curently Polish goverment designated two zones (yellow and red) in which various restirictions apply. In red zones all restrictions from the yellow zones apply as well.

The most important decisions taken by the government are as follows:

The entire territory of Poland will be designated as “yellow” zone as of Saturday, October 10. It means that:

  • covering the mouth and nose outdoors will now be obligatory in public space
  • the number of people allowed to participate in any family gatherings or events will be limited to 75 (from October 17)
  • running discotheques and nightclubs, as well as activities providing space for dancing indoors and other enclosed spaces will be banned
  • in restaurants and eateries can only be 1 person per every 4m2
  • anyone who does not wear a mask will be obliged to present a medical certificate or other document confirming the person's disability at the request of the police or municipal guard
  • distance of at least 100 metres between individual gatherings will be required
  • in cinemas only 25% of available seats can be taken 
  • there will be no need to cover mouth and nose in forests, parks, green areas and botanical gardens
  • at least a 1,5-meter distance between pedestrians is still required

In “red” zones:

  • any cultural events indoors and outdoors are forbidden
  • the number of people allowed to participate in any family gatherings like weddings etc. will be limited to 50 (from October 17)
  • in public transportation only 50% of available seats can be taken
  • restaurants and eateries are to be open only till 10 pm

Other restrictions will or not apply, depending on future development of the situation.

Below you can find exemplary webistes that are reliable source of information regarding the situation in Poland:

References for this article: